Infinity Tower Suites Advocates Healthy Eating at The Wholesome Table

It’s a given that a great hotel serves only the most sumptuous dishes for its guests, which is something that Infinity Tower Suites has been practicing for the longest time. But unlike other establishments that provide delicious but calorie-packed dishes for diners, this popular hotel in Makati goes out of its way to offer something better – fresh, clean food that’s free from toxins, courtesy of The Wholesome Table. Guests staying at Infinity Tower Suites are entitled to free breakfast at the restaurant.

Guilt-free, gastronomic delight in the heart of Makati.

Located at the ground floor of Infinity Tower in Salcedo Village where the hotel is housed, The Wholesome Table is a rustic haven for people who seek organic food that does not compromise the taste buds. The restaurant aims to clear the two common misconceptions about organic food – that it only involves vegetables and it is practically flavorless. You’ll realize how wrong this is when you get to sample The Wholesome Table’s tasty meat and plant-based comfort food.

Gluten-Free Yogurt Pancakes, served with homemade coco-vanilla butter, and your choice compote and syrup.
Gluten-Free Lemon Ricotta Waffle, served with homemade coco-vanilla butter, and your choice compote and syrup.
Bisteak Tagalog. Grass-fed beef tenderloin flavored with organic soy sauce and calamansi juice. Served with free-range eggs.
Meat and Eggs Plate. Choice of nitrate-free bacon, pineapple-glazed ham, homemade turkey sausage, or corned beef hash, served with two free-range eggs. Comes with sourdough toast, homemade vegetarian baked beans, and breakfast side salad.
Chia Egg Toast. Sourdough toast with Dijon mustard, poached free-range eggs, homemade chia pudding, katsuboshi with a squeeze of lime.
Chia Egg Toast. Sourdough toast with Dijon mustard, poached free-range eggs, homemade chia pudding, katsuboshi with a squeeze of lime.
Eggs and Omelettes
Eggs and Omelettes

“Eat consciously, live consciously” is part of the restaurant’s manifesto. “I figured Filipinos will enjoy this because they can still have the many dishes that they’re used to eating such as burgers, pork, and pizza, but they’re less guilty because they’re coming from good sources and made with better and healthier ingredients,” explains Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, the restaurant’s owner.

The resto's manifesto, courtesy of their placemat

Just how good the sources are and how are the ingredients better and healthier? The restaurant uses only organic produce for everything in their menu. Their meat comes from grass-fed cows that are holistically raised without antibiotics and artificial hormones usually found in commercial meat products. Their food and drinks are free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives, and preservatives. Their condiments and sauces are made from scratch. The only processed ingredient they use is cheese, which comes from local and organic sources.

The restaurant at Salcedo is a branch of the flagship establishment, which is located at Bonifacio Global City. Unlike mall-based branches that open around 11 am, the Salcedo branch opens at 7 am, making it a convenient healthy breakfast stop for those who go for early morning runs and those who just want to grab a guilt-free breakfast before going to work.

To view the complete menu at The Wholesome Table, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

Providing meals at The Wholesome Table is just one of the many perks of staying at Infinity Tower Suites. Boasting the most spacious rooms in this part of Makati, the hotel is the perfect place for couples, families, and long-staying guests who want more than cramped quarters usually offered by hotels in this price range.

One Bedroom Suite
One Bedroom Suite
Two Bedroom Suite
Two Bedroom Suite
Living Room
Living Room

Aside from generous square footage, convenience is another excellent perk at Infinity Tower Suites, which you can find in other Makati hotels but at more expensive rates. The central business district is just a short walk away, as well as restaurants, bars, and the cluster of malls – Greenbelt, Glorietta, Landmark and SM Makati.

If you’re looking for the best business hotel in Makati with free breakfast The Wholesome Table, visit You can also check out their Facebook page for inquiries.


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