Costa Pacifica: Your Surfing Destination in Baler

It’s time to ride the waves at Costa Pacifica! You’ve got only until March to enjoy the surf season and while you’re at it, let us tell you why Costa Pacifica is the place to be. (Then again, it’s awesome to visit Costa Pacifica even beyond the surfing season!)


If you haven’t tried surfing before, don’t worry! At Charlie Does by Costa Pacifica, they have surf lessons and board rentals for their guests to enjoy, especially the ones who haven’t tried surfing before. Who knows? With their help, maybe you’d discover a new passion for surfing.

Costa Pacifica Pool

Non-adrenaline junkies, if the sea’s big waves aren’t your thing, then Costa Pacifica’s poolside might just be the place for you to rest and chill out. The resort’s gardens surround the pool and the sea is within its view so it’s such an ideal place to get to stress vibes gone.

Casa de Bahia 3

If your day ends up becoming quite long and it’s time to calm down the adrenaline rush, retreat in your designated room for that much-deserved rest and relaxation. At the comforts of your resort room, you can enjoy some awesome stuff, too! There’s the 24-hour in-room dining and massage services, plus they great people at Costa Pacifica are very much concerned about your convenience and welfare. Because of this, they also offer laundry services and daily make-up room service, plus they have a nurse on-call in case of emergencies. (Knock on wood!)


Overall, aside from all the surfing stuff, Costa Pacifica is such an awesome place to be in when you find yourself wandering around Baler. They have nice rooms, a great beachfront and a beautiful poolside, quality services, and facilities that make it a destination resort.They have The Pavilion where you can celebrate life’s precious moments with a breathtaking scenic view and they have The Beach House where you can enjoy international and local cuisines. Surfing is no joke, after all, so do treat yourself up with something good to eat.

See you at Costa Pacifica!

For more information, check out their wesbite!


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