Shop, Stay, and Save at The Mabuhay Manor!

Budget-finds are awesome. In Baclaran, you’d be able to maximize your budget while still enjoying a great shopping spree. Sure, they may not be your typical branded apparel, but the bargain finds you’d see in Baclaran are pretty good, too!

(Photo from

In Baclaran, you’d get to find great stuff without having to excessively spend. If you’ve never experienced shopping at the Bargain Capital of Manila, then The Mabuhay Manor might just have the thing for you! After all, we don’t want you getting lost out in the urban jungle now, do we?

The Mabuhay Manor’s facade

So here’s the thing. The Mabuhay Manor is currently offering the Shop, Stay, and Save Package until March 31, 2016. You can check out the promo banner below or you can visit their website for more information about this cool promo. Basically, along with your accommodation, the lovely people from The Mabuhay Manor will be your personal Shopperone (cute term, right? Pretty witty, you guys!) who will accompany you to the best places around Baclaran.


Another cool thing about this is that your accommodation comes with buffet breakfast for two, too! Plus, to top it all, it’s in a Premium Room and if you’d like to extend your stay, you’d get a 40% discount on your next night. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Again, this promo’s valid only until March 31 so grab the opportunity to see what the Baclaran shopping experience is like while enjoying a budget-friendly accommodation at The Mabuhay Manor!


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